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Welcome to Thai Tatami Products Co.,Ltd.
   Thai Tatami Products Co.,Ltd. was established in 1993. We are the only one manufacturer in south east Asia that produces a variety of "Igusa" grass mat products. Igusa rush grass is imported from Japan directly.
   Here in our homepage, you can see some images of our unique products made of woven-rush mats. Please enjoy them and if you start to take a interest in Tatami, we are very happy.

What is Tatami ?
   Tatami is traditional Japanese floor board covered with a woven-rush mat. You may have seen in Ninja/Samurai movies or in local Japanese restaurant. Although Tatami actually does not mean woven-rush mat itself, here it is called conveniently Tatami.

What is Igusa ?    Some people (even some Japanese) understand that Tatami is made of rice straw. But it is not correct. Tatami is made of Japanese rush grass called Igusa. It is very soft, fine and green rush grass about 5 feet high. It is planted only for weaving the mat purpose.

Maintenance ?    Avoid dust and moisture. To wipe with dry cloth is the best everyday care. Do not scratch the grasses when you wipe Tatami. Do not wash for stains. To wipe it out with lemon water or vinegar is good idea. Of cause you have to dry well after that.

Please see our standard products in Products page. To purchase them please check our Outlets in Bangkok shopping malls.
If you are interested in import/export or OEM, we do it. Please see Wholesale page for some examples of unique designs although we can do it with your own design.
Of course we can make Tatami floor board for Japanese restaurants or your private room to add some exotic Japanese flavor. Please refer to Floorboard page for details.


Wholesale & OEM items

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